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"From my cold dead hands"

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Written & Performed By: Eric Ryan (ASCAP) (c) 2016

Videography By: Johnny Frank Himsel 

This song is dedicated to those who battle every day with cancer.

May you and your loved ones find peace and victory. #PrayingForaCure 

"I Move On" is written from the perspective of a man at war with God over 

the death of his wife due to Cancer. I wrote this song after a friend

told me his story. In the end, he said he had to choose, "It was

either move on or we both died... she would never allow that."

(the following is a #LIVE recording)

'From my cold dead hands' (promo) Eric Ryan




Eric Ryan was born in Orlando, Florida. He first started playing guitar at Twelve years of age. "I learned to play on my Father's old Yamaha acoustic. I love playing guitar, don't get me wrong; I just found myself focusing more on singing and performing. It wasn't until eight-teen that I began songwriting." Eric's Mother (a pianist and amateur songwriter herself) would later fuel her son's passion for telling stories with music.

Currently based in Lake Worth, Fl. and making frequent trips to Nashville, Eric Ryan encompasses his own hybrid of Country Music and plays that music full-time up throughout most of the state. "I suppose the way I found my sound is no different then most, I used influences by every artist I ever loved. Well, that and many years of writing and playing my music live... woolah." Ryan, a former Top 20 National Finalist on the hit TV series 'Nashville Star' in 2003 has just one goal: to connect with the audience. "My job is to tell stories, but you have to tell those stories correctly, you have to deliver them with power and passion. We as entertainers owe our fans that because they literally give us our dreams! I have to find a way to perform a song that will reach that person(s) out there that needs those words the most in that moment. You would be surprised how strongly the right song at the right time can change the course of a person's entire life. It's never enough to just sing a song."

"Eric Ryan is an established and dedicated country music singer/songwriter based in the U.S. His music offers audiences a captivating array of heartfelt stories from various viewpoints, always beautifully written and performed." - StereoStickman.com

Eric Ryan has done opening performances for such amazing artists as: Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Chad Brock, Rhett Akins, Mongomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels Band and Joe Diffie.

"Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen." -ER



 Live 2018



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Sept 21 - Country Music Fest - Lagny Place in Ste-Agathe-Monts - Laurentides, Canada

Sept 23 - Wyndham Resort Patio Bar - Deerfield Beach, Fl. 7pm EST

Sept 28 - Two George's Waterfront - Boynton Beach, Fl. 5pm EST

Oct 7 - Wyndham Resort Patio Bar - Deerfield Beach, Fl. 7pm EST

Oct 12 - Two George's Waterfront - Boynton Beach, Fl. 5pm EST

Oct 13 - Saltwater Brewery - Delray Beach, Fl. 4pm EST 

Oct 26 - Two George's Waterfront - Boynton Beach, Fl. 5pm EST

Nov 3 - Johnny Longboats - Riviera Beach, Fl. 7pm EST

Nov 16 - Twisted Tuna - Stuart, Fl. 4pm EST

Nov 24 - Saltwater Brewery - Delray Beach, Fl. 4pm EST

Nov 30 - Twisted Tuna - Stuart, Fl. 4pm EST

Dec 8 - Private Christmas Party

Jan 4 - Walking Tree Brewery, Vero Beach, Fl. 6pm EST

Jan 10 - Pinch Pull Pell (Seafood) - Stuart, Fl. 6pm EST

Jan 18 - OK Corral Gun Club - Okeechobee, Fl. 7pm EST

Feb 2 - Twisted Tuna - Stuart, Fl. 4pm EST

Feb 16 - Twisted Tuna - Stuart, Fl. 4pm EST


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I am currently working on the live show as well as gathering the resources required to record my EP "Country Sound". Thank You all for listening! -Er




by Eric Ryan

More music from the new Eric Ryan EP 'Country Sound' coming soon! Please stay tuned to EricRyanSound.com 




Eric Ryan makes several trips a year to Nashville to perform at various shows and write with Nashville Pros! #NashFund is dedicated to managing funds and necessary expenses for these trips. for example: Lodging, Airfare, transportation, parking, food, and gas are a few target essentials. If you wish to help, follow the instructions below. Thank you and #GodBless

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Eric Ryan (Eric Ryan Parsons) is country music singer songwriter and former top 20 national finalist on the hit TV series, Nashville Star S:1 - Original music is available at right here on www.ericryansound.com - It has long been my dream to give my music a real shot by recording and releasing a full production project. Making the necessary connections in Nashville will greatly aid in facilitating that goal and bring this dream into reality. All social media available @ericryansound Thank You all so much for your support of both me and my music, but mostly thank you for believing in me! God Bless and keep you! -Eric Ryan     

To my Family, Friends, and Fans - This is what I was born to do. God gave me this gift for a reason, of that I am certain. I need your help to do it though. Make no mistake, YOU make this possible; I truly believe this. It's time I broke into the next phase of this journey and move one more step ahead! Walk it with me. #LetEveryStep -Er



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Thank you so much for believing in me! -Eric Ryan

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Written by: Eric Ryan ASCAP (c) 2016


"Country Sound"

Written By: Eric Ryan (ASCAP) (c) 2016


"To be loved like that"

Written By: Eric Ryan (ASCAP) (c) 2017


"Just a Picture"

Written By: Eric Ryan (ASCAP), Norm McDonald (BMI) & Robin Tucker (c) 2017 



"Glad You're Gone"

Written By: Eric Ryan (ASCAP) (c) 2017